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Pollinator Week Presentations (Pollination Guelph)

Mon. June 21, 2021


Heather Holm presents:

Native Predatory Wasps: Their Role as Pollinators and Beneficial Insects

Native bees and predatory wasps share the same lineage and also share many behaviors and habitat requirements. Predatory wasps feed their offspring invertebrates (insects and spiders) and bees diverged from this carnivorous diet to feed their offspring plant-based food (pollen and nectar). Flower-rich landscapes provide critical habitat for both adult bees and wasps because they each consume flower nectar; in addition, wasps need diverse, flower-rich landscapes to hunt for their prey. Heather will highlight many amazing natural history and biology facts about native wasps illustrating their nesting habitat, prey specificity, and the ecosystems services they provide—pest insect population control and pollination.

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Wed. June 23, 2021


Lori Weidenhammer presents:

Resilient Victory Gardens for Bees: Keep your gardens buzzing with biodiversity

It’s more important than ever to provide our native species of bees with the habitat they need to thrive. Lori will share some top tips for growing plants that support several species of bees in your garden. She will show examples of garden projects that will inspire you to create your own oasis for our essential pollinators.

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Pollination Guelph frequently attends community events across Southern Ontario and gives presentations to groups interested in learning more about pollination and pollinators.  If you would like us to attend your event, please contact us with the details (date, location, group name, number of attendees, type of presentation/display desired), and we will see if one of our volunteers is available.

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