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Videos & Discussions
Video's from Pollination Guelph's Symposiums, Speaker Series and Events


Pollination Guelph has held an annual symposium every year since 2008, when it was still in it's formative stage.  Select videos from our 2012 and 2013 symposiums, which included a morning of presentations and an afternoon of workshops, can be found below.  To adapt to necessary social distancing related to COVID-19, our March 2020 symposium was re-worked into an online Speaker Series that aired in October and can now be viewed here.  


To view all of our videos, check out our YouTube channel


2022 Children's Climate Championship
All about Bees with Karin Davidson-Taylor
'How-to' Videos
Creating a Pollinator Garden (Part 1)
Planting a Pollinator Garden (Part 2)
Preparing your Garden for Fall - the Pollinator-Friendly Way
Cleaning Up your Garden this Spring - the Pollinator-Friendly Way
2020 Speaker Series Recordings


Clement Kent (Horticultural Societies of Parkdale and Toronto)
Kathy's Garden: Adapting Pollinator Habitat to Climate Change
Erin Aults (Royal Botanical Gardens)
Heritage Seed Catalogues and the Environments They Changed

Susan Chan (University of Guelph)

Where Wild Meets Cultivated: The Implications for a Wild Bee of Close Association with a Crop

Mhairi McFarlane (Nature Conservancy of Canada) - Keynote
NCC's Actions for Pollinators Amidst a Changing Climate
Charlotte de Keyzer (University of Toronto) - Keynote
How are Pollinators and Plants reacting to Climate Change?

Shannon Seahra (Pollination Guelph)

Pollinator Diversity at Hospice Wellington

2020 'Symposium' Updates


Pollination Guelph: Ways to Engage, Educate, and Communicate on Pollinator Topics (Victoria MacPhail, Pollination Guelph)
Pollination Guelph: Updates from 2019 and Plans for 2020 (Victoria MacPhail, Pollination Guelph)
Selected 2013 Symposium Videos


Subtle, Sublime, & Sneezy: Pollen Carried on Wind and Water
(Dr. Stephen Murphy, University of Waterloo)
The Burbs and the Bees: Improving Native Bee Habitat in the Suburban Landscape (Ben O'Hara, MLA)
Invasive Garden Escapees: What to Plant Where (Freyja Whitten, Credit Valley Conservation)
Sewing Seeds: Arts Education and Artist Projects (Christina Kingsbury, Artist in Education)

Pollinator Patches and the Roadsides Program (Carol Dunk, Past President Ontario Horticultural Society)

Selected 2012 Symposium Videos
Monarchs and their Journey (Kristen Janke, Royal Botanical Gardens) 
Pollination Guelph: Updates from 2011 and Plans for 2012 (Clare Irwin, Pollination Guelph)
Pollinator-Friendly Farming from a Farmer's Point of View (David Ainslie) 
Gardens for Pollinators (Dr. Clement Kent, York University and Horticultural Societies of Parkdale & Toronto)

Prairie restoration: the RLSN program, restoration projects and our years of experience with Tallgrass Prairie (Rural Lambton Stewardship Network) 

Workshop options included (*only short segments were videotaped): 


Designing a Pollinator Garden

Incorporating Pollinator-Friendly Practices into your Farm

Conducting Pollination Outreach to Kids 

Planning a Pollination Guelph Planting Project 

Butterfly Rearing and Tagging

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