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Board of Directors 2023




Victoria MacPhail            

Clare Irwin                     

Lorne Widmer                 

Nadine Bohner


Karin Davidson-Taylor    

Karen McKeown     


Shan Seahra

Andalyne Tofflemire

Amanda Liczner


Executive Position






Director at Large

Director at Large 


Director at Large 


Director at Large 

Director at Large 

PG Board - 2022_09_22.JPG

Our Board members, as of September, 2022.  From left to right: Victoria MacPhail, Karen McKeown, Karin Davidson-Taylor, Nadine Bohner, Shan Seahra, Clare Irwin, Lorne Widmer, and Andalyne Tofflemire

Are you interested in joining our board?  We are very hands-on and meet once a month in Guelph (or online) for 2 to 2 1/2  hours to discuss ideas, plan events, make management decisions, and update each other on our activities.  We also conduct a lot of business by e-mail.  Each board member brings their own unique skills and background to the table. These have included areas such as gardening, landscape design, farming, research, education, fundraising, administration, volunteer management, outreach, policy, and more!  For more information, or to express interest, please contact us at There are also opportunities to join some of our sub-committees, without being a board member.

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