About Pollination Guelph

What is Pollination Guelph? 
Our Mission

Pollination Guelph is a group of individuals dedicated to the conservation and development of pollinator habitat for current and future generations. We promote awareness and understanding of the role of pollinators in achieving local and global environmental sustainability goals and showcase pollinator projects that are a model for citizens and communities throughout Canada and internationally.


We are a charitable, federally incorporated non-profit organization. A volunteer Board of Directors guides our activities and manages the organization. We have no paid staff and rely on the work of  volunteers to achive our goals.


Our Vision


Guelph is a world model for the promotion and protection of pollinators and their habitat – leading the way in environmental sustainability.  




Strategic Goals & Objectives

EDUCATION: To raise public awareness of the importance of pollination. 


  • Develop and regularly provide educational programs to targeted groups such as tourists, community groups, schools and municipalities. 

  • Create informative literature that can be widely distributed. 

  • Build a website with information, images and outside links relating to pollination. 

  • Ensure the use of the Eastview pollinator park as a community educational tool. 

RESEARCH: To foster the study of pollination interactions within habitats. 


  • Monitor the successful development of the Eastview pollinator park. 

  • Promote the use of the Eastview pollinator park as a research tool. 

  • Encourage research into ways of increasing and understanding pollinators and their habitats. 

COMMUNITY: To engage the community through pollination related activities. 


  • Host and participate in annual community events. 

  • Identify opportunities to formally recognize the achievements by community members in support of pollinator protection. 

ADVOCACY: To advocate for policies and practices that reflect the importance of pollination. 


  • Provide input on policies, at all levels of government, to protect pollinators and their habitats. 

  • Encourage stewardship of pollinator habitats by landowners. 

  • Promote the City of Guelph as a role model to other communities for protection of pollinator habitat. 

  • Encourage the funding of programs that protect or enhance pollinators and their habitats. 

CONSERVATION: To increase the area of naturalized landscapes and the use of native plants and local seed on public and private land. 


  • Encourage the development of pollinator-friendly areas throughout Guelph. 

  • Promote the development of strategic linkages between natural areas to benefit pollinators and other wildlife. 

  • Recommend the use of locally-sourced native seeds or plants throughout the community. 

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