Making Homes for Pollinators


There are a lot of great websites on the Internet about pollinators and pollination.  Here are some of our favorite sites related to making homes for pollinators.  Be sure to check out our other categories of web-site links for many other valuable resources.

Note that our website is currently under construction.  Several of the links may not be working properly at the moment. Thank you for your understanding if you encounter any broken links.


Note that bee nests made for twig-nesting bees should be at least 8" deep; several of the resources below give examples with shallower (e.g. 4-6") depths.


Bee Condo Maintenance Instructions (Pollination Guelph & partners)

Nests for Native Bees (Xerces Society)

Tunnel Nests for Native Bees (Xerces Society)

Make Your Own Wooden Bee Nest (Pollination Guelph)

Make Your Own Milk-Carton Bee Nest (Pollination Guelph)

DIY Native Bee Nest Tubes and Blocks – Resource List (

Home-made Sweet Homes (North American Pollinator Protection Campaign)

Build a (Mason) Bee Box (video) (Yes Mag!)

Attracting Solitary Bees (Wings in Flight)

How to Raise and Manage Orchard Mason Bees for the Home Garden (North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service)

Make a bee block (video) (U.S. Fish & Widlife)

How To Build A Bumble Bee Nest (Happy

Build a Bee Box (Canadian Gardening)

Bee Nests using Reeds (USDA-ARS)

Bee Nests using Sticks and Stakes (USDA-ARS)

How to Make a Bee Hotel (The Pollinator Garden)

Raising Monarch Butterflies


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