Our Planting Sites

Pollination Guelph is dedicated to the conservation & development of pollinator habitat for current & future generations. We promote awareness and understanding of the role of pollinators in achieving local & global environmental sustainability goals and showcase world class pollinator projects that are a model for citizens and communities throughout Canada and internationally. Check out some of our recent pollinator garden projects below.

Eastview Pollinator Park

Borders Speedvale Ave, Watson Road, Eastview Rd


Our largest and most well-known project will create pollinator habitat on the 45ha (112 acre) decommissioned Eastview Landfill site. The Pollinator Park will be one of the first and largest pollinator initiatives to occur in Ontario, Canada, and internationally. It will also highlight the City of Guelph's commitment to being a leader in environmental initiatives.


The Pollinator Park is a long-term, multi-stage project. Work began in the fall of 2012 and the first hectare was seeded in Fall 2013. We plan to seed another two hectares in Fall 2014 and if we can raise the funds, add two hectares a year in future years.


A bee hotel was added in June 2014 through the "Wild for Bees" initiative, which Pollination Guelph was a site partner in.  This initiative is sponsored by Burt's Bees, Sustainable.TO, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts,  and Pollinator Partnership Canada.

Re:Mediate Planting at Eastview Pollinator Park

Across from the soccer fields near the Pollinator Park fence


Local artists, Christina Kingsbury and Anna Bowen, joined Pollination Guelph on the Re:Mediate project: a collaborative textile and audio installation at the Eastview Landfill site.  It features a quilt, hand-made from recycled paper embedded with native pollinator-friendly seeds, the pieces of which were sewn together on-site by Christina and volunteers.  A series of poetry vignettes inspired by the history of the site were written by Anna, excerpts of which were painted on the quilt, and will be published in the future.

Hospice Wellington

Corner of Scottsdale Drive and Kortright Rd


In this multi-year project, we are gradually transforming the Hospice grounds with  pollinator-friendly native shrubs and flowering plants.

Guelph Hydro Office

395 Southgate Drive

This pollinator-friendly traffic island and swale is located in front of the Guelph Hydro head office.

Guelph Centre for Urban Organic Farming

NE corner of the University of Guelph campus, on the sout side of College Ave


A pollinator-friendly hedgerow and wet/low land plantings were planted here. An arbor erected on the site will be moved to a new planting site at The Arboretum's Gosling Gardens in 2014.

Riverside Park East 

Off Riverview Drive, near Speedvale and Woolwich


Three flower beds along the trail near the river, just past the windmill, were planted with native shrubs and pollinator-friendly perennials.  Interpretive signage at each of the beds draws attention from all park users on various topics ranging from types of bes to how to create your own pollinator-friendly garden.

Trans Canada Trail

Off Speedvale Ave, near Woolwich St


We currently have 2 large beds along the trail, plus some plantings along the edge of the ravine. Our interpretive signage was installed in spring 2014 and will help to educate the hundreds of people who pass along this trail daily.

Clair Road Emergency Services Centre

Off Clair Road, near Gosling Gardens


The turf grass area in front of the Centre was replaced with pollinator-friendly and drought resistant shrubs and flowering plants in spring 2014.  This landscaping will add beauty to the area, habitat for wildlife, and save on maintenance costs.

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